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ATTENTION: Sunday Meeting, August 28.

Well, what can I do, it is my mom's birthday on Sunday. And we are going out to eat around 7:00PM. So, unless you guys like to have a short meeting at my house on Sunday (so I won't have to worry about transportation to go back to my house), I say 11:00-6:00PM? (1 hour earlier but leaving 3 hour early) Or you can plan your own meeting if you want it longer, but I will not be able to come due to the dinner.

What do you all say?
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Hmm... didn't we get clearance for Mike's place this Sunday? If so, will you not be able to be there at all? The rest of us can manage either way... this assuming that Mike's place is indeed available. So... looking for answers from two people on this one.
Like I explained before, I'm free untill 6:00PM. So, It's not like I can't go to Mike's place, but I will need a ride and a favor to ride back around 6:00PM for dinner.
And if we have a meeting at my place, it would be alot more convenient for Mike and I, right?
That's true. No reason we can't relocate once your time is up.
Well, sure if you are really into it by that time and still want to keep on going.