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The survey said...MEETING (8/28)

Since not as many people respond to my post asking for the meeting to be at my house this Sunday, then I guess there are no objection. What can I say, democracy wins. As always same time, same place. 12:00-6:00PM, UT's place. And if you are worry about not getting awhole lots done in the meeting, fear not. Since this is such a short meeting, we will made this strictly movie talk ONLY (untill all of us called it a day, then we can moved on to something else), sound good to you all? So if you have been missing out for these meetings, you don't want to miss this one. Unless you can't stay serious for even 10 minutes, then I suggest you to wait for e-mail update.

For those interested in Agenda, here is what I have planned up:

Script discussion/review
Expanding the story/script after the riddles scenes
Listing places where we can film, in PAPER! (yeah, I know...we sort of went of this but never actually talk over this seriously).  Just to double check.
Listing weapons, and where/who we can get it from, again double check.


Helping Mike with the Claymore purchase for use in the movie?
We discussed this before, and we might need to switch roles for some of the actor...for the better of the movie in general. And adding new roles as well, a.k.a. Jim.
And finally, what work and don't work so far in our meeting. Or any personal opinion, I want everyone to know that we are all in this together. So let your voice be heard!

That's all for now, all comments and questions prior to the meeting is welcome.

Vigaman, logging out.

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