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I've got a proposal about the project that could meet with some resistance. However, I strongly encourage all of you to give this serious consideration. I propose that the format of the project be changed from live-action to animated, created in Flash. There are several reasons why I think we should take this route, outlined below:

1) Time is on my side
It's time to stop beating around the bush on this. We all have lives. We have work, school, the military. There's too much inconsistency in terms of who's available when. We simply don't have the time to film this thing and have it not, frankly, suck. If it were animated, we could still have recording sessions if we so desired, or actors could record their own lines at their leisure. It would be way less stressful, and way less demanding on everyone's time.

2) Money, that's what I want
We don't have the budget for costumes, props, ect, that won't look really, really campy. An animated format would open up a whole new world for us. We would have no limitations with regard to character design, locations, sets, props, or effects. And it wouldn't cost a penny, beyond the price of the program. The resources necessary for the live-action production more than likely far outweigh this.

3) She's got the look
So, it would be easier, and cheaper. But wouldn't the project quality suffer as a result? No. In fact, I think it would look a hell of a lot better. One question that keeps popping up about the filming process is "but how would we DO that?" Well, if the project were animated, we could do absolutely anything. Also, we wouldn't have to rely on our own acting quality. Let's face it, none of us are Oscar-bound. With an animated project, all we'd have to provide is voice acting, which are tougher to screw up than full on acting. Granted, it's still possible, but tougher.

This begs the questions: Who would pay for the program, and who would do the animating? Well, I say that both of these can be contributed to by whoever's willing. True, there should be one "main" animator, and this person would have some serious learning to do about Flash, but this is really little to no more of a demand than what live-action filming would entail.

Let's be honest. Enthusiasm about this project has only gone downhill of late. As I said before, we all have lives to worry about, we all have other things going on. We can't all contribute the time, energy, and resources to this project that it requires to be of any sort of quality. This is my alternative to abandoning the project altogether. We can still do this. We can still make it rock faces. However, I don't believe anymore that we can accomplish the above with a live-action format.

Questions? Comments? I have more to say on this, but it's a bit more specific, so I'm going to hold off until I get a feel for the overall reaction to this proposal.

Thank you for your time. Keep it real.
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