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The fate of in 2 hands!!

For those people who missed the meeting last Sunday, we were basicly went over a bunch of options as to how the movie will become.

In conclusion, we came up with a plan that's actually utilizing two plans. Kind of like 2 birds with one stone, except this time it is one bird with 2 stones. (You will see what I mean in a second)

So here is the plan: 

1. Submit the script to Shoreline Community College's film production "contest."

Basicly, Shoreline is having a Film Production class this summer, and they are willing to accept 2 scripts submission (their pick) and turn it into 2 movies. If we got our script pick, we won't have to worry about all the money, people, and techology problems! Because the college provide all of that and MORE!!

2. Film Providence as a Flash project for practice, and depend on the result, we will continue it as a flash or back to live-action.

The plan title pretty much explain everything. While we are waiting for the result from Plan 1 or if Plan 1 failed, we are going to continue Providence as a Flash project. And depending how it turned out or what we felt about the movie in Flash, we will either continue it or switch back to live-action.

Note: Plan 1 and Plan 2 are to be excuting at the same time.

So is everybody with me on this? Any question or comment?

PS: JM, if you needed, revise the script or make any correction to it. And then give me a copy so I can submit it to the Shoreline's Summer Film Production class by next week.

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