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The fate of Providence...is in 2 hands!! 
02:20pm 11/05/2006

For those people who missed the meeting last Sunday, we were basicly went over a bunch of options as to how the movie will become.

In conclusion, we came up with a plan that's actually utilizing two plans. Kind of like 2 birds with one stone, except this time it is one bird with 2 stones. (You will see what I mean in a second)

So here is the plan: 

1. Submit the script to Shoreline Community College's film production "contest."

Basicly, Shoreline is having a Film Production class this summer, and they are willing to accept 2 scripts submission (their pick) and turn it into 2 movies. If we got our script pick, we won't have to worry about all the money, people, and techology problems! Because the college provide all of that and MORE!!

2. Film Providence as a Flash project for practice, and depend on the result, we will continue it as a flash or back to live-action.

The plan title pretty much explain everything. While we are waiting for the result from Plan 1 or if Plan 1 failed, we are going to continue Providence as a Flash project. And depending how it turned out or what we felt about the movie in Flash, we will either continue it or switch back to live-action.

Note: Plan 1 and Plan 2 are to be excuting at the same time.

So is everybody with me on this? Any question or comment?

PS: JM, if you needed, revise the script or make any correction to it. And then give me a copy so I can submit it to the Shoreline's Summer Film Production class by next week.

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08:45pm 04/05/2006
mood: Eh.
I've got a proposal about the project that could meet with some resistance. However, I strongly encourage all of you to give this serious consideration. I propose that the format of the project be changed from live-action to animated, created in Flash. There are several reasons why I think we should take this route, outlined below:

Click.Collapse )
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Going once, going twice... 
06:44pm 04/05/2006
  I just thought of a great idea!!

For those who're coming this Sunday, I want everybody to bring at least a movie of your choice!! Why you ask? It's MOVIE RESEARCH TIME!! 

Basicly, we will watch a movie (of our choice) and take note on what you like about the movie!! Anything from the story, camera-angle, to special effects!! How does that sound? ;)

Speaking of who's coming...with the exception of kopf_aus_stahl and dark_zen, no one has responded to whether or not they are coming to the meeting this Sunday. So is everybody busy on that day or what?
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You got another meeting COMIN' 
09:23pm 02/05/2006
  Greeting from Providence, people!

SO you thought this project was dead/near-dead huh? GUESS AGAIN 

As briefly talked about on last Sunday, joeymartin64 and I planned to film all the scenes involving Neleon (aka ryogo_wilder) first for reason you all should know by now. And then we will move on with the schedule from there.

And so, I will be hosting a movie meeting this weekend to sort out even more stuffs and hopefully be able to film something the week after!

Time: Sunday, May 7 starting at 1PM and end around 9PM.
Destination: UT_Production HQ

As always, respond here if you are coming, and ask question if you have any.

PS: This Sunday, we are going to ROCK YOU. Literately.
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You Got Another Movie (meeting) Coming 
08:10pm 19/01/2006
mood: productive
Free advance cookie (as in you can pick it up at my house) to anyone who can decipher where the subject came from. :P

Anyway, seem like there are no objection on having a movie meeting this Sunday. So, we will be reviewing and editing the script through scriptbuddy.com directly. Save papers, save trees.

Operation Movie Script Editing start this Sunday, January 22th. Noon at my house, as always.

Be there, or be GXPed.

EDIT: And since we are aiming for staying focus and get right down to business, maybe we can end the meeting a little earlier than usual.
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Script editing meeting (brainstorming) 
01:19pm 17/01/2006
mood: For great justice!!

Ok, as joeymartin64 mentioned. A rough draft of the script is completed. Now we need everybody to meet and edit the script, together! Horray..!

Just tell me when you are able to meet sometime this week (or next week). And, if you like to meet anywhere other than my house.

Note, we will try to avoid entertaining ourselve too much by being distracted by videogame this time around. So, in other words, get right down to business.

We at UT Productions appreciate your support, and hope you will continue to.

-Uy Tu

Production manager/director

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03:39pm 16/01/2006
mood: Booyaka!
Script draft for Episode I is complete. Now, ideas for how to go about the editing process? And for what happens next after that?
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11:34pm 12/01/2006
mood: productive
Where: My house.
Time: Sunday, 12noon-whenever we get this done (probably before 9PM or 10PM).
What: Movie meeting, reunion part 1.XX
Bring: YOU!!

There, simple and clean.

Mission Start in XX.XX Hours.

Reply here if you are coming.
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Fortune smiles upon thee, UT Productions. 
11:18pm 12/01/2006
mood: Huzzah!
Got my schedule for next week. The two days I have off are Sunday and Monday. So, if we can get nailed down on Sunday how we want this to go down, it is well within the realm of possibility that the script for Episode I could be finished on Monday. Or, at least, drafted. We'll want to go through an editing process and whatnot, of course.

Either way, hell yeah.
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Unlease thy fury of Movie...UT Productions! 
06:13pm 08/01/2006
mood: productive

Back again, and ready for action!

Since joeymartin64 started working on the script again, it would be great if we can have a meeting again soon to updated and review the scenarios so far, for him and better of the group. Plus, maybe we can do some *drum roll* storyboard! As suggested by dark_zen, this time. So bring your favorite pencil and papers if you like.

I asked a couple of members on the crew. And, it seem like everybody are fine for having the meeting on Sunday (probably my house). How does it sound for the rest?

And what's your schedule like for this and next week? (or just tell me when you are free) So I can plan this properly.

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And you thought it was dead... 
10:04am 06/01/2006
  Inspiration finally rears its head. I'm as annoyed with me as you are for the delay. But, having some spare time alone to just dink around has lead me to resume the scripting process. It begins with a minor overhaul; much of the text seems a bit too much like a game rather than a movie. I'm cutting out some of the more needless stuff, and streamlining the way the story develops. It's also closer to the end of episode 1 than I'd remembered. Add that to the fact that I have both weekend days off this week, and we'll be looking at some damn fine progress come Monday.

We're back. Sorry about the wait.
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06:45pm 10/09/2005
mood: Happy JM
Scripting the riddle scenes, almost finished with them, but considering changing something about them. Currently, I have Jacob as the one to solve the main parts of the riddles. Should Vex be the one, or does it matter that much. I personally think it would make more sense for Vex to do it, and it wouldn't be a big deal to change. What do y'all think?

EDIT: Oh, and how do they reach the island? Did we ever reach a consensus on that?
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Next meeting? Ask the script 
11:52pm 04/09/2005
mood: tired
This post is just to let everyone know that we are going to be temporary stop having meeting untill the movie is fully scripted (up to the first 1/2 anyway). So don't expect any meeting next Sunday.

Alright everybody, enjoy your break.

To JM, if you need help writing down the camera direction or scripting in general, just let me know. We can set up a small meeting if that is necessary.
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07:40pm 03/09/2005
  Anyone who needs a ride to the meeting at my house tomorrow, comment here so I can tell you all when, and in some cases where, I'm picking you up.

Pick Up List as of now:
11:30 Erin.
11:40 Uy and anyone who can make it there. Josh S. for example.
11:50 Chessna

Anyone else who need rides should allow 10 minutes for each pick up starting before Uy and Josh. My car can seat 4 extra people besides myself, so if 4 people have already gotten rides, and you (the 5th) need a ride, be aware the you'll probably be sitting on somebody's lap.
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Last minute wrapping up for Sunday, September 4th meeting 
07:14pm 03/09/2005
mood: working

Ok, here is what I have planned out at the meeting.

First of all, we are going to review script, like we always do. This is especially important if you haven't been to these meetings in these past months.

After that, here are some other tasks we can work on:

  • Work on storyboard up to "the escape"
  • Rehersal/Practice for filming, which include movement, running lines, and acting.
  • Choreograph fighting technique and agility (stuff like evading sword attack, and self-defense)
  • Safety measure (ex. don't run around with sword and attack each other recklessly.)
  • Camera pratice (This could work in 2 ways. 1) Assign 1 or 2 main camera operator(s). Or, 2) We will practice it together, so everybody can operate the camera properly when we need replacement. I will leave it up to you guys to decide)

That should keep us busy for awhile.
In case you forgot, the meeting going to be this Sunday (9/4) around noon at kopf_aus_stahl's house.

Like always, any question and comment about the meeting is welcome.
Oh and please attend this one if you haven't been around in our past meetings.

See you all there!

Vigaman, logging out...

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Decision, Decision... 
10:04am 29/08/2005
  At the last minute of the LAST meeting, we decided to temporary stop story developing up to the middle half of the movie to focus on...FILMING!!

There are a couple of good reason for this.
1) To see how well the movie will turn out so far
2) Experiementing with camera filming and editing
3) Choreograph fighting and moves
4) A break from story developing
5) The most exciting part of this production

Mike just confirmed that we can have the meeting at his house, because for many reason, most of the setting is at his house is one of them.

Anyway, same time, Mike's place.

Vigaman, logging out.
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The survey said...MEETING (8/28) 
08:19pm 25/08/2005
mood: determined

Since not as many people respond to my post asking for the meeting to be at my house this Sunday, then I guess there are no objection. What can I say, democracy wins. As always same time, same place. 12:00-6:00PM, UT's place. And if you are worry about not getting awhole lots done in the meeting, fear not. Since this is such a short meeting, we will made this strictly movie talk ONLY (untill all of us called it a day, then we can moved on to something else), sound good to you all? So if you have been missing out for these meetings, you don't want to miss this one. Unless you can't stay serious for even 10 minutes, then I suggest you to wait for e-mail update.

For those interested in Agenda, here is what I have planned up:

Script discussion/review
Expanding the story/script after the riddles scenes
Listing places where we can film, in PAPER! (yeah, I know...we sort of went of this but never actually talk over this seriously).  Just to double check.
Listing weapons, and where/who we can get it from, again double check.


Helping Mike with the Claymore purchase for use in the movie?
We discussed this before, and we might need to switch roles for some of the actor...for the better of the movie in general. And adding new roles as well, a.k.a. Jim.
And finally, what work and don't work so far in our meeting. Or any personal opinion, I want everyone to know that we are all in this together. So let your voice be heard!

That's all for now, all comments and questions prior to the meeting is welcome.

Vigaman, logging out.

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07:01pm 25/08/2005
  DUDE!!! While I was at the Value Village I found a Scottish Claymore with a kick ass sheath for $80. I think it would be perfect for our movie. If we want to get it and everyone chipped in 10 or so dollars, what ever people can afford, I could do the rest.

What do you all think? And what would everyone be able to chip in?
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ATTENTION: Sunday Meeting, August 28. 
10:07am 23/08/2005
mood: surprised
Well, what can I do, it is my mom's birthday on Sunday. And we are going out to eat around 7:00PM. So, unless you guys like to have a short meeting at my house on Sunday (so I won't have to worry about transportation to go back to my house), I say 11:00-6:00PM? (1 hour earlier but leaving 3 hour early) Or you can plan your own meeting if you want it longer, but I will not be able to come due to the dinner.

What do you all say?
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06:08pm 20/08/2005
  Alright. So, for all of you who wanted rides tomorrow, here's the plan. I'll pick joeymartin64 up around 11:40 and then head to vigaman's to pick him up. ryogo_wilder, to make things easier and quicker, you should go over to vigaman's so I can pick ya both up at the same time.  
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